Monday, September 24, 2012

UrbanizeD... Back Online !

And yes, All boxes are unpacked, all set in place...
UrbanizeD is back online with a well balanced selection of our Neutral Collection.

UrbanizeD ( New ) Mainstore

Have a great and stylish SL !

Friday, July 6, 2012


Inspiration Book
SL Interior Forecast
This new inspiration book will be devoted to SL interior design, and we intend to release forecast books four times a year.
‘Inspiration’ is aimed at interior, garden and prefab designers, texture artists, but of course anybody can pick it up and get inspired!
We want to make clear that the Inspiration books are not meant to be a commercial magazine: this book is, and always will be, the result of creative collaboration between people from across Second Life ™ and it is non-profit making with everyone giving their time for free.

Our plan is to join talented people from all possible disciplines and together, give our readers ideas and inspiration and tips to style their SL lives.
Our objective is for you to enjoy reading this book and to be inspired to create fresh designs for your home.
The Inspiration books will be very visual… mostly a trend forecast and inspiration showcase, your guide to SL's stylish decor and interiors.
We try to get away from the "classic" concept of magazines as we know them now and we will be primarily focused on styling your SL home.
More info, and online link here

Pitsch Parx

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Updated Mannequin Pose Props

Two designs, Roses & Leaves, or Ivy & Candles. Both textures menu scripted, options for the wood & metal parts, and the unique custom made fabrics on the body.

Also to be used as pose prop, both have 9 poses made by Glitterati ( Katey Coppola ) each.

All textures are picked to blend in and compliment the current four color themes: Neutral, Masai , Mono and Bali.

Have a great & stylish SL ! UrbanizeD Mainstore

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Minimal but so stylish !

Today Narcissus Room start on its 5th round already !
UrbanizeD brings a carpenters inspired bench, the "Minimal" bench in "Narcissus Neutrals, raw wooded planks, bounded together with leather straps.
Minimal and clean, fits in ( and around ) each modern house or skybox. Room for 2 avatars ( 2 x 6 animations ) and textures menu scripted ( 6 woods + 3 straps )

( Note that this is a more basic version than our full release, what can be found @ UrbanizeD Mainstore ) Narcissus Room ( round 5 opens May 1st ) ) For More info :
Flickr Group:

The "full version" Minimal bench comes in a solo, duo or trio seats version ( 9 animations each avatar )
Also we have the sets available in our "Neutral" and "Masai" color groups and incl. 17 wood + 8 leather options.
Could work inside or outside your home, as stand alone or in group.

Next to the benches, we have , in the same design and color menus, the sideboards. Sold in a set of 3 designs/sizes. ( only textures menu scripted )
A new way to showcase and display all your collectors items, basic and raw, but you can make some really unexpected styling sets in your home with the this set.
Try it as sidetables next to your bed, as a "backside" of your sofa ( in the middle of the room ), a display for all your plants..

UrbanizeD Mainstore

Have a great and stylish SL !

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's All About Fashion !

The Garden Vase set "Charlotte" comes in 3 # designs, each with a set fashionable poses by supPOSEdly ( BillyJo Jupiter ), Glitterati ( Katey Coppola ) and AnimA ( Freya Handrick ).
The vases also are textures menu scripted with tons of unique UrbanizeD prints. The "Charlotte" set is available in Neutral, Masai, Bali and Mono.

In the picture, fashion from France, sYs, designed by Systi Cisse & Syane Cisse, find out more about this talented duo here

All plants used are from Hearts.

For this Masai setting, all fashion is designed by the uber stylish Applonia Criss, designer for CHANTKARE, along with Modavia's Dahlia Joubert. Both in a setting from New Trails trees, Hearts plants, and UrbanizeD meadows.
More info about CHANTKARE's african inspired new collection here

Beachwear from Artilleri Zaara, Totem & Vitamen, all tropical plants from Hearts.
Big thx to Dolly Baroque for all the help with this picture ! You can find more about Dolly's "double" SL'life ( designer for D&M Dream Furniture / fashion blogger )
Also thanks to my models Ayla Qinan, Feyth Ashbourne, Friar Tyles, and Miss Dolly herself ;o))

Garden Vase "Narcissus" set incl. 3 # designs, each comes with 9 faded neutral cement textures and a super cool unique pose made by BillyJo Jupiter from supPOSEdly for this limited edition design.

Narcissus Room ( round 3 opens April 3th )
For More info :
Flickr Group:

More on BillyJo's work can be found here
More of his ( mostly male ) poses @ supPOSEdly

And big thx to Leco Vita for helping me out with the picture ;o))

Have a great & stylish SL !

UrbanizeD Mainstore

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mini Gardens & Planters "Terra Nova"

Spring sun has sprung up a few new releases from UrbanizeD !
Stylish cactus cocktails designed to tease out the sun and freshen up your interior and exterior.

Mini Gardens "Terra Nova" in version A - B - C - D.
Four individual arrangements of rock and cacti with flowers.
Each Textures Menu Scripted for all elements ( Sand base, planter, rocks, cactus flower, wood parts )

Planter "Terra Nova" set consisting of four pots with cacti n flowers. Textures of the pots, earth and flowers are easily changed to match your mood and interior.

All textures are picked to blend in and compliment the current four color themes: Neutral, Masai , Mono and Bali.

The Deco Driftwood set, consists of three wood sculptures.
Two table sized sculptures and one floor sculpture made of twisted wry driftwood.. Base. metal and wood are fitted with a texture menu to fit your mood and interior.

Urbanized Funky Fresh ready for Spring !

Have a great & stylish SL !

Sunday, March 18, 2012

UrbanizeD - View On Neutrals - S/S 2012 Collection

View on some of the new UrbanizeD designs for Spring/Summer 2012, all from the Neutral Collection.

Large dining table, textures menu scripted with wood, metal and unique table top print options.
Chair set "Classic", decorative tulips arrangement in porcelain "Wabi Sabi" vase, sparkling wall art "Leaves", all items from the Neutral Collection.

Desk/table "Include", "Classic" chair, "Showgirl" table lamp and wall bookcase "Wireframe", all from the newest S/S 2012 collection in faded sandy neutral tones. All items are textures menu scripted and comes with lots of unique textures.

Double sofa/chair set "Vogue", textures menu scripted with tons of options for the fabrics, wood and metal parts. Lots of cool and chill loungy animations.

Never say "its just a wall" to an UrbanizeD wall :D
This room divider wall is not only a great way to ad extra corners in your house, this version is also dressed as a bookcase/sideboard with metal and wood shelves, and of course , textures menu scripted ( metal, wood, bricks & concrete )
The best part of this wall, it has also a animation menu, if you just are waiting against the wall, sit on the wall, and even, a set of the cutest couple animations !
The big vase is from the "Bi-Color" collection, textures menu scripted and lots of options for each part.

Table set "Benso", textures menu scripted with neutral metal and rustic faded wood options.
Table planter "Zennn" mini garden, decorative mini tree candles with ivy and birds "Forest" and vase trio "Esra", all comes with textures menu and tons of options for each part.
All UrbanizeD designs are transfer, so perfect for gifts ;o)

Have a great & stylish SL !

UrbanizeD Mainstore

Some pictures are taken at the new MESH house by Scarlet Creative and can be found here