Tuesday, August 31, 2010


For everybody who has been trying to get to the mainstore ..... the wait is almost over.In about four days the UrbanizeD mainstore will reopen with a BANG.
All new collections
Total redesign of the sim
Revamped garden and
A brand new logo

Pitsch has been working his ass of the last weeks tryin to make it all happen. And ... he did it. I'm pretty sure visitors will be blown away by the new sim design. Next to the new shopping areas there is a supersized garden to display the evergrowing plant collection UrbanizeD has to offer. 

I'm under strict orders not to give away to much. Just wanted you all to know that though it has been a big job it was well worth it if in the end it will make a for a better experience of the UrbanizeD vibe.

Over the next four days we will post a teaser everyday  so you can get a sneakpeak of what is to come. Here is todays teaser featuring the all new logo designed by Rodriguez Munro and Pitsch Parx.
The new logo captures the  urban roots of the  UrbanizeD brand and combine it with the elegant and organic elements that are key in the Pitsch Parx designs. Hope you like it let us know what you think..

Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay it's time for an update again.Pitsch seems to be addicted to opening new stores (don't worry he is not looking for world domination we got him on medication) so (drumrolls) we would like to announce the opening of three new stores in the UrbanizeD line up of stores.

First new store we wanna direct your attention to is situated at New Life Mall. A loyal customer by the name of Petunia908 Pinklady invited Pitsch to set up shop on her unique sim.Together with her partner Cern she runs this shabby chiq place.You probably can guess the collection that's featured in this store by the name of the person who made it possible <3 Pinklady.  Click here to visit our new store at New Life Mall.

Second in line is our new store at the Second Style sim. Home to all thats "happening". So we just could not let the opportunity pass us by to take part in the action. The store is surrounded by a whole score of stores we all heard and read about in the second style magazine http://blog.secondstyle.com/. Main theme of this  particular store is the Rose Garden collection. The store has been remodelled to present a selection of the prettiest in pink with a centre stage appearance of the fabu orchids. For those who enjoy the ceramic antics of Pitsch a must see store. Click here to visit our store at Second Style Island.

Third and last stop is Cresendo.This new initiativ has been set up by David Bloom and Elle Cresendo. A cosy collection of shops with a warm village feel. The UrabanizeD shop there is centred around the Pure collection and again main focus goes to the orchid showstoppers. Click here to visit our UrbanizeD store @ cresendo shopping village

But yes there is even more news! Urbanized is proud to announce their participation in the Sl house and garden hunt.Your chance to pick up 50 (yes fiftyyyyyy) specially created designs from all over SL. Best pack a lunch for this one people becos it will take you some time to collect all the goodies. This hunt runs till the 7th of august, so get hunting! Read more about the hunt HERE

For this occasion Pitsch put together a cute set with a peacock chair and sidetable.The pack comes with candleholders and longdrink glasses. Designed to sip your fav drinks in style till the wee hours the chair and its pillows and the sidetable come with a selection of wicker style textures. Click here to visit our mainstore and get crackin on this awesome hunt!