Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is... An UrbanizeD Xmas Tree

And one more for Xmas ;o
No Christmas without a good tree !

And what a tree we have in stock for you !
The Xmas Bookcase Tree, comes full Textures Menu Scripted, outside wood & inside painted options.

Not only in the Neutral tones, but also in the MONO section from the UrbanizeD "Kiss The Future" Collection.

Great to decorate with all your gift boxes, or smaller decoration object, or why not with candles to glow up the tree ;o)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is... UrbanizeD

Christmas @ UrbanizeD

Lots of newness 4 Christmas @ UrbanizeD.
Like you have come to expect from us not your run of the mill classic xmas stuff. Instead we bring you rather subtle sparkled designs in Neutral tones.

All UrbanizeD designs are tranfer, so they make perfect gifts.

Below pics of just some of the designs in store right now.

Opening Christmas Expo 2011
Marking it’s 1st year in SL, The Christmas Expo is coming to town! Coordinated by the crew who brought us The Home & Garden Expo, this Expo will feature some new and fun special events, over a 100 vendors and amazing Holiday splendor spread across 4 regions. A must see event !

Of course during this holiday season we like to celebrate and more important support a great cause, RFL. We have come up with a special design that will be available during the expo to raise money for this great cause.

UrbanizeD design for RFL - Trio Poinsettia Vase Set

This set Incl. 3 vases, textures menu scripted
(flowers, leaves vaseprint and starcolors are changeable)
Unique modern xmas prints for vases in Neutral tones.
And 100% of the benefits go to the American Cancer Society.

For more info about the Christmas Expo > http://slchristmasexpo.wordpress.com/

To stay in the holiday spirit we came up with a special treat for the expo visitors.
Drop by the shop and pick up your freebie gift Xmas Wall Tattoo "Stars & Deco"

This set incl. 5 tattoo's , perfect to decorate your walls, windows, or any surface. Each tattoo is 2 prims and comes with a resize script. Textures Menu incl. lots of options, from a classic faded Christmas tree, to glowing stars, and more modern xmas-inspired prints. Have fun with our UrbanizeD seasonal gift.

Have a great and stylish SL !

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Your pets deserve stylish furniture just like you !

Over the last two years Urbanized has been focussed on providing your SL avatar with high quality furniture and home deco.
We have decided to broaden our horizon and provide the same luxury for your SL pets by creating Urbanized Pet Furniture.

Now all those living under your roof can enjoy a stylish life.
The Urbanized Pet Furniture is designed for smaller sized pets like cats, rabbits or smaller dogs.

We have used the "KittyCats" male cat in adult size to fix the animations, in our pet furniture. Of course it is possible to adjust the poses/animations to make the perfect match for you and your pet.

Keep in mind the menu in our furniture will not move your pets.
The furniture will move your avatar in a position where you can pamper your favourite SL pets. After you assume a pose, you will need to move your pet to match the position of your avatar.

All "Pet Furniture" comes with several unique POSE and/or ANIMATION Menu, depending on the design.
In keeping with our entire collection all "Pet Furniture" is full "Textures Menu Scripted"
In order to assure a 100% UrbanizeD look the textures are designed to match up with the rest of the Urbanized collection ;o)

Animations for our pet furniture have been provided by AprilMae Devin for Alterior Motion.

The poses were designed by:

Del May for Del May Poses
Billyjo Jupiter for supPOSEdly
Marcopol Oh for Oh!Studio

Urbanized Pet furniture is available at Urbanized Mainstore in all four color collections.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Travel In Style

Travel in style with the UrbanizeD "Bound" Stool Set

For the "Spruce Up Your Space" shopping weekend ( November’s SUYS theme is ‘Flashback’! ) we have been inspired by the stylish travels we had in the early 1900's.
Remember the Orient Express ?
Imagine all the fancy suitcases and hatboxes piled and bounded together.
The new Era, now that's what i call class !

From that idea UrbanizeD has created the piled Stool "Bound", 3 comfi round pillow, bound together.
Each pillow is Textures Menu Scripted to mix all up, and incl. 12 relaxed sit animations and on bonus, 7 poses in a retro "supermodel" style.

Each set comes in Neutral - Mono - Bali - Masai, and uber limited for this weekend only : the "SUYS Pinks" version !

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kiss The Future

We are pleased to announce the birth of a new collection from Urbanized.

Over the last few months the Urbanized Team has been working hard to bring a new collection to Second Life to enhance your Second Life.
New custom made textures, new custom made sculpts, high quality new animations and new poses have been created and combined to turn your house into a home.
True to Urbanized style all the new furniture and accessories have that warm minimalistic touch.
Clean lines and bold textures in combination with quirky animations will ensure you will have a reason to stay in this winter.
We have a few surprises in store to ensure a purrfect time for everybody in your SL house no matter how big or small.

After the success of the spring summer collection of 2011 Urbanized has set itself the aim to crystallise the essence of the previous collection and take it one step further.
Next to a new look there have been a few other developments within the collection. Beds have had a complete overhaul and now feature a lot of new animations with emphasis on the couples.
The collection of vases has been expanded to epic proportions. New flowers from Artic Greenhouse in new vases in new arrangements and with new custom made prints on the vases will green up your every surface.
We think we have a vase for everybody, provided they have the prims.By popular demand we have expanded our range of deco and home accessories for every budget even if you have none.

Finally we can reveal that a lot of our furniture now comes with couple animations to make it possible to enjoy our furniture together with your friends and loved ones.

Fashion lovers will notice the influence of second life fashion blogs and flickrs on the choice of poses used.

The new "Kiss The Future" collection will be presented in four different colour pallets.
Four themes, each with a distinct personality.
Every theme an evolved, more grown up version of the spring summer collection.You will recognise the themes and will sense how they have taken on a more distinct mood.
The overall view for all four themes show a more mature and more organic signature.
Where spring and summer had a more bold and graphic personality the new palettes are geared towards the warm and homey, the more organic without loosing that edge we all have come to expect from UrbanizeD.

Mono II, a bold black and white theme, accentuated with splashes of colour to break the harshness.
The patterns and prints underline a modern vibe and support the lines of the furniture and accessories.
"Le Foret Monochone" or monochrone forest on display in the Mono II section of the main store represent the essence of this theme.
The luscious patterns are presented with a modern twist when presented in black and white.
Grey tones moderate the black and white and blue and purple hues complete an colour theme that is outspoken without being loud.

Masai II, a theme that has moved from the scorching hot summer sun from Africa to the warm glow of the fireplace.
Warm tones in red, brown and curry envelope you like a blanket. An instant cosy feeling to drive the cold from your doorstep.
The uber earthly vibe is livened up with splashes of the brightest reds and oranges.
The graphic bold flowers and circles have been joined with more organic and nature inspired prints with intricate designs.
For those who are not afraid to show their luv for all things chocolate, cinnamon and ruddy Masai II is a MUST.

Bali II,While still bearing the name of the beautiful island of Bali, this theme has ,as the other three themes, evolved since the last collection.
The patterns now are less oriented on the orient but still give the same eco fresh and futuristic atmosphere.
Sandy beaches in white have turned to fields of snow. Whites and greys are combined to give the theme a soft feel.
The blues and greens give a subdued modern feeling, night blue skies and foliage inspired patterns and colours will bring the outdoor feeling inside.
Mint, sage, emerald and aqua are combined with pastels to come to a warm minimal colour theme.

We end up with the fourth colour theme NEUTRAL.
Bringing the Dubai colour theme from last summer into winter Neutral brings together warm and cool tones.Modern but not cold, bold but not loud, a cleaned up shabby theme.
The sandy Sahara has been replaced with cocoa and cream and instead of a fata morgana you find yourself in foggy morning conditions surrounded by the wonderful yellows and browns of the falling leaves.
UrbanizeD choose to combine rust tones with creams, greys and browns have resulted in a mature look. Splashes of mustard yellow and gold keep the theme young and edgy.
The patterns are mainly neutral, or organic oriented. Flowers ,foliage and animals are combined with bold prints to give you a fabulous fall.

Each colour theme is presented in its own section of the newly erected main store.
A structure that will help to convey the distinct individual colour themes.
The rooms each have a unique character that is now echoed in the chose of displays, colours and lay out.
Where as the summer store was open and had the starry sky as its ceiling this new collection will have an actual roof.
We have tried to emphasise the fact that this season calls for a solid structure.
In contrast to the summer store were all colour themes were presented in similar display rooms we now present each colour theme in a room that magnifies the identity of the colour theme.

Have a great & stylish SL !

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Click / Sit !

A first pre-release from the new UrbanizeD 2012 Collection!

Our new "Retro" chair.
Set Incl. 4 chairs, 12 cool and relaxed sit animations and textures menu scripted ( 20 woods + 9 painted metals )

Comes in Masai II - Bali II - Mono Organic - Neutral ( yes, those are the new color lines for the next collection

And because love is the most beautiful thing there is...
Inspired by my customers Flickr, here the couple version on the "Retro" chair.
Menu incl. 12 solo + 8 suuuuuuuuuuper cute couple "love me tender" animations, and textures menu scripted ( 20 woods + 9 painted metals )
Comes in Masai II - Bali II - Mono Organic - Neutral

Big thanks to Azuki & Moo Outlander for the wonderful pictures!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eye On Color - Bali

The Bali color theme is inspired by a trip to this beautiful island in the Emerald island belt, as the dutch call it . Deep greens from jungle, jades and teals take you deep into the lucious wild of this island. Surrounded by the deep blue ocean and the palest blue skies, bue is represented as second main color. All the intensities of this theme are tempered by the white of the sandy beaches.
Graphic inspiration has resulted in the incorporation of asian tribal prints, tropical leaves, bamboo and batik paterns.

Sideboard "Dressoire" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. Wood, contrast wood & metal options )
Vase set "Plumeria" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. flowers, ribbon & unique vase print options )
Wall Deco "Arty" - Bali ( Arty comes in 3 layers, and all textures are custom made for this amazing artwork. Menu comes with 17 backgrounds + 23 underlayers + 21 overlayers = 61 unique textures ! )

Table "And Beam" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. metal, contrast, wood & overlay prints options )
Chair "Tabouret" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. metal & fabric options )
Table Mini Garden "Zennn" - Bali ( Textures menu Incl. paint, rocks, orchid & unique vase prints options )

Sideboard "Dressoire" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. wood, contast wood & metal options )
Vase "Inner Beauty" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. terra, orchid & unique vase prints options )
Bookcase "Wire" - Bali ( Comes with color options for each part )

Designers Sofa "Surf" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. fabrics, pillows & metal options )
Floor Garden "Rounded Squared" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. plants, orchids, rocks, terra & unique planter prints options )

Vase & Flowers set "Unbalanced" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. flowers + unique vase prints options )

Vase & Tulips set "Modernist" - Bali ( Textures Menu Incl. tulips + unique vase prints options )

Deco Mannequin set ( Incl. 3 designs - Textures Menu Incl. wood, fabric, lampshade, metal & roses options )

TP to UrbanizeD Mainstore:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye On Color - Masai

From the continent of Africa the Masai theme is the UrbanizeD take on a modern vision of tribal art. The hottest browns and curry reds are combined with burning orange tones and yellow stings. Mixed with bright vermillions these colors represent the earth, the sun and vibrant masai people.
A strong statement that will instantly spice up your living space into the tastiest african dishes.
Graphics of course are earthly and tribal inspired to bring wild nature to an urban setting.

Dressoir/sidetable "Compress" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood & metal options )
Candles "Lucky Star" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. candleholder ( stone ) & candles options )
Potted Orchid "Tubed" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood, vase & orchid options )
Incence Burner ( Textures Menu Incl. vase options )
Painting set "Framed Love" ( Set Incl. 3 designs - Textures Menu Incl. unique designed prints + unique "overpainted" wooden frames options )

Wall Tattoo - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. African inspired painted tribal prints & natural elements )
Sideboard "Dressoire" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood & metal options )
Decorative African Mask - Masai ( wall & floor/table version )

Sideboard "Armoire" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood, inside contrast & metal options )
Vase & Tulips "Romantica" - masai ( Textures Menu Incl. unique vase prints, ivy & tulips options )
Painting set "Framed" - Masai ( Set Incl. 3 versions - Textures Menu Incl. frame options + a set of unique designed pictures & prints )

TP to UrbanizeD Mainstore

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UrbanizeD Garden - Fall/Winter 2011 Collection "L'été Indien"

Organic and fairylike 1prim meadows and flower fields to green up your SL !

Fall / Winter 2011-2012 Collection, 26 new designs in 3 color groups; "Wild Garden" - "Magic Moment" - " L'été Indien"
All our meadows are COPY/MOD.

UrbanizeD Fairy Garden

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Strike a pose !

We are proud to present the first mesh release by Urbanized.
The "Vogue Me" desk, what is designed for all you fashion bloggers ;o)

The assigment was minimalistic desk with reflective surfaces.
As ever we have played the idea till it fitted the Urbanized style signature.

The limited edition desk has a sleek & curvy organic design.
The metallic sheen on surface of the desk conjurs the appearance of reflecting the surroundings.

This design requires viewer 3.0 or any viewer that supports mesh content. You can download viewers here: secondlife.com/support/downloads/
Make sure CTRL+P Graphics> 'Mesh Detail' that your 'Object' slider is on high.

Vogue me comes with 3 sets of 3 poses specifically made for this release by SL's most amazing pose designers !
The poses were created by;
OH! Studio by Marcopol Oh
supPOSEdly by Billyjo Jupiter

Available @ UrbanizeD Mainstore
UrbanizeD Mainstore

Strike a pose !

Enjoy !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home & Garden Expo 2011

It has been a while since i blogged but now the Expo is drawing to a close i thought is was the right time. Since my last post we introduced the new spring/summer collection.
It proved a struggle to cram all the creative output of months of work in the store. And after a few new concepts for the main store Pitsch decided that since we could not show the full collection on the available space we should open a second one. One that focus primarily on the plants, vases, pots and flowers he created with such care.
We opened  a new store, our greenhouse, on Lisp. Yes thats right,  the sim that houses that famous store. So glad we were able to secure a spot there. Such a great setting to show all the work we could not fit in our main store. If you need flowers and plants,  and believe me we all do, to liven up your second life just come and take a peek at the Greenhouse.  Don't forget to play with the menus and of course explore the rest of the simclick here to visit UrbanizeD Greenhouse.

And talking about gardens and plants and greenhouses,  we have been busy at the Home & Garden Expo 2011. After last years succes Pitsch was raving about this for months, he had his mind set on going for a second time and this time with a mission. Pitsch sponsored an entire sim with the intention to fill it all up with the people he works with, admires and want to support. Many of them are first time expo participants. Together we make up Sim 7, and of course we believe its the best of the entire expo (dare i say better than the cats). Visit our special sim by clicking here.

Pitsch: This sim is not only sponsored by UrbanizeD. Most of the landscaping has been done by myself to bring the best canvas for all the participating designers to display their work on. We are so proud to have them on our sim. We realize that we have been lucky to have such a huge concentration of talent on this sim.

To give the visitors of the expo a good idea of the talent we wrote up a quick mini guide. Exploring the work of the people around us. Al visitors who came to our display got a copy in the hope to maximise the exposure for all the artist.  A copy of the mini guide was posted in our flickr group the deizha experience

The Home & Garden expo is a fantastic platform to introduce your work to a new audience and to get a good idea of the work that is out there. Because of this fact UrbanizeD has chosen to introduce a few not additions to our collection. 

For the first time we now can cater for those who want to bath in stlye. Next to that we have introduced new vases and a new candle dish.

But what had Pitsch working up a sweat is the introduction of our new couples animations in our  new rugs and beds. He has been working at finding new animations to cater not only for our straight but also our gay customers. The straight version of the menus were taken along to premier at the expo and are on display in our main store. But for those who think outside the box or closet in this this case we have our gay beds lined up at Gaytown mall click here to visit the place

One of the projects Pitsch was most proud of introducing are our gardenboxes. Box actually is not really the right word for it as these pavilions are really an oases for any garden.
With laid back loungy couches and specially designed woodwork  this is the perfect addition for your garden or maybe even attached to your house. Providing a place where you can relax in private and still remain in contact with your garden.

Of course we need to pay attention to the great cause of relay for life. The organisation of this expo is dedicated to raise money for cancer research and we are happy to take part in this.
For the occasion  UrbanizeD has come up a vase set that will take center stage in any interior.
Its bright pink color is inspired by the pink ribbon we all know and love and is exclusive to the expo. Next to the vase set we also have three new pillow sets on offer with all proceeds going to relay for life! The expo is still open today so if you want you can still take a look around to feast your eyes and give for a good cause at the same time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Yet

As promised in last post i owe you more info on the color themes of new summer spring collection.
Pitsch is still working on putting the last touches to prepare the launch of the new collection but found time to  give me a few teaser pics to give you a sneak peak.

As said before the new collection consists of four color theme.
Bali, Dubai, Masai and  Mono+.
The previous collection had five and some of the  colors were so close that distinction was hard even for us. Hence going for a refocus to four themes.
This time around there is no chance of any mistaking, the new themes are quite distinct. Each theme has a very own signature and personality.
The choice to go for home made textures has given Pitsch the freedom to experiment and give each color theme exactly that support it needs. Capturing the color themes in words was a breeze cos of this new found clarity, here goes ....

The Bali color theme is inspired by a trip to this beautiful island in the Emerald island belt, as the dutch call it. Deep greens from jungle,  jades and teals take you deep into the lucious wild of this island.  Surrounded by the deep blue ocean and the palest blue skies, bue is represented as second main color. All the intensities of this theme are tempered by the white of the sandy beaches. Graphic inspiration has resulted in the incorporation of asian tribal prints, tropical leaves, bamboo and  batik paterns. Combined Bali  represents pure nature that invites itself into your home.

The Dubai color theme draws its influence from this the middle east. The most intense colors from the Bazaar have been transformed by blistering sun and sandstorms into poudred warm pastels.
Fata morganas of shimmering trees, birds, romantic poems and alluring lacy images bring the heat from the desert within your grasp

From the continent of Africa the Masai theme is the UrbanizeD take on a modern vision of tribal art. The hottest browns and  curry reds are combined with burning orange tones and yellow stings. Mixed with bright vermilions these colors represent the earth,  the sun and vibrant masai people.
A strong statement that will instantly spice up your living space into the tastiest african dishes. Graphics of course are earthly and tribal inspired to bring wild nature to an urban setting.

We close of with Mono. This theme is a true urban theme. It's graphic, energetic and intense.  The most pronounced colors like hard pink, screaming yellow and electric blue are backed up by stellar black. The textures are pop art inspired futuristic and geometric in design. A modern take on the eighties, for the not so faint hearted. Are you Ga Ga enough for Mono+?

Four new color themes and a huge amount of new textures. It has been a labor of love and while we intended to launch this weekend we chose not to. We want to present the collection only when the setting were right. Rushing now wouldn't do it justice. But no worries we are nearly there. It is our intention to reopen the store just before the weekend so everybody can experience the new UrbanizeD batch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It has been a long winter

It has been a long winter indeed. Far 2 long in our opinion.
It is time for something new and UrbanizeD is ready 2 deliver the new.
In only a few days Pitsch will release the  Spring Summer collection for 2011.

The past couple of months have been dedicated to putting together what is his biggest collection of furniture and home deco. In fact Pitsch has been so productive that our main store has proven to be 2 small to hold it all!!!!
The flagship store has undergone a make-over that will help us present the collection. The "containers" have been reshaped to give the sim that decluttered feel whilst maintaining the possibility of displaying the furniture in intimite sets. Long sweeping alleys have been formed that hold surprises around every corner.

He has pushed the envelop again aiming for a collection that is a few levels up from the winter fall collection. Main focus has been to have more control, to be distinctive, unique within the framework of laid back funky sleek design.

These coming seasons the collection has been built around four color themes: Bali, Dubai, Masai  and Mono.
Next to the more muted pastel colors  from last collection we have now made room for a more pronounced palette to send out a clear and distinct vibe for each color theme.
Over the next few days we will be putting out more info about these color themes for people to get a grasp of what has been going on in Pitsches mind.

This new collection is as we said before about control and to maximize control Pitsch has started to create his own textures to give his furniture exactly the texture that fits his designing vision.
So when people buy our products they can be sure that in a great many cases the textures displayed can't be found anywhere else in SL. This step has allowed Pitsch to experiment until he had the right vibe to fit the shape and function of the furniture.

In order to put together a collection that truly reflected the ideas of UrbanizeD it was no longer possible to rely on the shapes that were out there in SL. The new collection therefore had to be made largely out of materials that were specifically made for UrbanizeD. New and unique shapes can now truely carry across that what Pitsch has envisaged.

Of course we try to incorporate as much as we can from the customer wish list in our products. One of the things people have been asking for is a resize menu in our home decorations. And yes this time around a lot of the deco has been fitted with a resize menu giving you the option to further personalize your UrbanizeD goodies. So no matter what space you are decoration you can always find the right urbanized product to help you.
Another innovation  is a new lighting menu in our lamps. Next to looking better its easier to use and is lag-friendly.

All these new features have enabled Pitsch to create with less limitations. There were less compromises to be made and it has crystallized that what he wants to put out there as UrbanizeD product. This makes the new collection more personal than ever before.

We are so very very eager to find out what our customers and supporters have to say when we present this new collection. It has been a long, nerve-wracking, intense and educational process but the wait is almost over. If we can get our hands on enough tranquilizers we will be calm enough to open the shop in a few days....... the wait is almost over.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going ons

We have a sad announcement to start with..... UrbanizeD Mainstore will close on Monday 14 March !

But the good news is, we will reopen Saturday March 19th!!!!!
During this week we will completely refurbish the store to make the perfect backdrop for the all new Summer Spring collection 2011.
When the store reopens you will all be able to see the massive ammount of new furniture and home deco pitsch has been slaving over for months.
The introduction of the new collection will mean the fall winter collection of 2010/2011 will be deleted.
So we recommend you make that final round in the main store to pick up those items you still need  becos after monday they are history.
During the week of renovation the sattelite stores at idleness,  bill and carribean will remain open to the public.

UrbanizeD @ Bill
UrbanizeD @ Idleness
UrbanizeD @ Caribbean City

More  good news the hunt season continues with two more hunts.
We proudly report we are part of the Lucky Prim Hunt that will take place from 15th till 31st of march. Details can be found on the web at http://royallivingmagazine.wordpress.com/

For this hunt Pitsch has made a nice garden diplay with three vases and foliage.
This Garden Vase Set "Neopolitan" Limited Edition is speciallly made for "The Lucky Prim Hunt"
Set Incl. linked set garden vases and grasses ( note that  these grasses are NOT available in the UrbanizeD Garden store, so dont miss them ;o)

And last but not least we are happy to announce we are participating in the Couch Patato Hunt,  taking place from the 11th of march til the 29th. More info on this hunt can be found at couchpotatohunt.wordpress.com/
For this hunt Urbanized has come up with the cute neopolitan candle set.

For both hunts the hint is: "Look up again,  can you see the light?"
And yes even during the renovation of the store you will be able to hunt at Urbanized Mainstore a special platform will be placed to keep you hunters happy.
Have a happy hunting and a happy weekend, we hope to catch you at Urbanized so just click here