Sunday, November 20, 2011

Your pets deserve stylish furniture just like you !

Over the last two years Urbanized has been focussed on providing your SL avatar with high quality furniture and home deco.
We have decided to broaden our horizon and provide the same luxury for your SL pets by creating Urbanized Pet Furniture.

Now all those living under your roof can enjoy a stylish life.
The Urbanized Pet Furniture is designed for smaller sized pets like cats, rabbits or smaller dogs.

We have used the "KittyCats" male cat in adult size to fix the animations, in our pet furniture. Of course it is possible to adjust the poses/animations to make the perfect match for you and your pet.

Keep in mind the menu in our furniture will not move your pets.
The furniture will move your avatar in a position where you can pamper your favourite SL pets. After you assume a pose, you will need to move your pet to match the position of your avatar.

All "Pet Furniture" comes with several unique POSE and/or ANIMATION Menu, depending on the design.
In keeping with our entire collection all "Pet Furniture" is full "Textures Menu Scripted"
In order to assure a 100% UrbanizeD look the textures are designed to match up with the rest of the Urbanized collection ;o)

Animations for our pet furniture have been provided by AprilMae Devin for Alterior Motion.

The poses were designed by:

Del May for Del May Poses
Billyjo Jupiter for supPOSEdly
Marcopol Oh for Oh!Studio

Urbanized Pet furniture is available at Urbanized Mainstore in all four color collections.


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