Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

t's almost here .... CHRISTMAS!!!!!! (and Kwanzaa)

Let met start of by thanking you all for the nice comments we got  from the people that came to see our special edition winter display.
When Pitsch told me he needed to store al the christmas decorations he really gave me a scare. His im : "I need those prims for building "  really nearly gave me a breakdown. Yes dear readers Pitsch Parx is the guy that verry nearly cleared out all the Christmas ornaments BEFORE it even was christmas !

Fortunately i was able to talk him out of it.

Most people have all their christmas decorations ready  and their gifst wrapped all set  to go
But for those who got the holiday bug late there is still time.
This weekend will be the last few days the holiday season display will be available. So if you have a sudden change of heart you can still come out to get our fab decorations and wow the socks of of your Christmas guests.

I was especially shocked that Pitsch wanted to put the holiday  display away because i know that it meant all the new winter plants would be going as well.  Now i know there are plenty of people who don't celebrate Christmas or are just not in the mood for a tree and stuff  ... but  well you cant resist a winter garden. 
Becaus Christmas , Hannuka, Kwanzaa and Yule may come and go but the wintergarden is here to stay
well at least till springtime sets in.
To evoke that fairytale winter wonderland feeling Pitsch created a few plants that will instantly take a snowy garden and put you in jingle bells mood. For those romantic long winter nights that you wanna spend outside with that special person that makes you warm. So i bought you a few days by pleading and you can still get these this weekend.Click here to vist the winter wonderland garden 

If all of a sudden your mother in law calls and you realize you don't have a gift we also are here to help you out. The Christmas roses are still on offer at the Rue D'Antibes xmas market click here to visit the christmasmarket and now come in three different color sets, she will be eating out of your hand and you can sneak out the back while she is doing the ooohs ad aaahs.

So nothing else left but to wish you and your loved ones a wonderfull christmas time. And me and Pitsch hope you enjoy your Chrismas purchases. When you are drinking your eggnog or gluhwein you can start dreaming about the new spring summer collection cos it's already in the making.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be Your Own Art

People its Spruce Up Your Space time again and this month the theme was "family".
Well most people know Pitsch a  little by now and  well he is not one to think inside the box much less inside a theme. So instead of the easy road he took a detour, he got together with two talented artists to work on a special project.

The idea was to immerse someone into wall art making the person/avatar part of the decor. In collaboration with Ganymede Galaxy and Del May, he created "Be Your Own Art". A painting that allows you to be part of you interior.

Makeup artist Ganymede Galaxy was approached to complement this installation with some amazing make up that creates a powdred ethereal look. The make up helps the avatar blend into the sky-themed artwork of the painting. Check out his work by clicking here,

SL's well known Del May created the pose that allows you to immerse from the painting into your interior.
A dramatic yet dreamy vibe is the result of this collaboration.For more from Del May click here.

And although its not directly linked to the theme.... Pitsch did something with the theme: he created a design family. We hope you enjoy the painting its only available today.  Click here to visit our mainstore to pick up this unique piece of art.

Click here to view all the other entries for this months Spruce Up Your Space

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Works

With the cold hitting Europe Pitsch cought some of the holiday seasonal spirit and has been working on new items.

To display this holiday collection a new winter garden was reserved on the recently opened UrbanizeD sim.
If you have the time you really should take a walk around the the small plot. It's a perfect example of how to create the winter wonderland feeling with minimal prim use. This winter garden was built with the main character of the seasonal festivities in mind. Specifically his super ability of walking on here to witness the winter magic.

The holiday collection consists out of a selection of  wintry flowers and plants, new vases and pots with typical seasonal flowers but ofcourse that urbanized touch, a range of ornaments to hang in your tree and some wonderful table decorations.

To celebrate the introduction of the winter holiday collection Pitsch has made some new wall tattoos that will instantly take any dull wall from drag to dazzle ... and they are free. So put on a hat boots or your favorite winter thong and hurry down the chimney to Pitsches Winter Wonderland (selection of items available through marketplace click here for an overview

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It's been a few weeks since the launch of the new fall/winter 2010 collection and  as ever Pitsch has proven to be restless.
In order to put the focus on the product he has relocated the entire UrbanizeD store. A massive undertaking.
Why change something that  looked like paradise???? Well in part this relocation is to put the focus back where it belongs :  the creations of  Pitsch.  Yes putting the furniture in a luscious garden setting made for stunning views but in the end he wants the people to really see what he has made.

The new store has a clear distinction between the furniture line and the garden line.
With furniture placed on a minimal ark with the feel of an oil tanker and the garden in all its abundance as contrast Urbanized has reinvented itself .... it's Re-Urbanized. In keeping with its very ever changing. character

Last Sunday the new store opened its doors and many already came to see the new displays.
Most of the color themes have gotten a new home in the UrbanizeD Arc. The pink collection however has found a new home on the SL House and Garden sim.

The new store is fitted with a mood/color board in the entrance. This way we hope to direct the people faster to the theme they feel most in tune with . Of course mixing and matching from the entire collection is also an option for those who dare :)

To celebrate the opening of the sim and to get a head start on the holiday season UrbanizeD has introduced several new products to our collection.

Hanging baskets with flowers for those who don't have a garden to bring that much needed green in your homes.

New bold stripe-wall decorations for that graphic touch to liven up dull walls.

New paintings to sparkle up the long winter nights and new and improved candles for that romantic feel.

We would like to invite you all to visit the new garden. Every available plant and flower Pitsch has created is in their.It's a sea of green and color.
Piece de resistance are the new vases Pitsch has made. In keeping with the kaleidoscopic nature of the garden these vases would look great in Versailles. Rumor has it Marie Antoinette herself ordered a few.

So there you have it enough reason i would say to come over and take a taste of the new Re-Urbanized shop. As with every change we have a few new freebies to celebrate. So be sure to pick them up when you visit the new shop. The gifts can be located at the entrance.

We hope to catch you wandering around me and Pitsch try to be available to all the visitors as much as possible do drop us a line if you have questions or need some interior designing helpClick here to visit our Re-UrbanizeD furniture Ark and click here to visit our all new garden

Saturday, October 9, 2010

So far So good

It's has been a while so time for an update on all things UrbanizeD.

We are happy to report that the new fall/winter collection 2010 has received a warm welcome. Lots of people have visited the main store at Deizha and did their shopping.

We received lots of  compliments and a few bloggers were so kind to mention us. We especially would like to thank Chic for her kind words and her visits to the sim. If you got the time check out the blog of this special lady that travels SL far and wide to bring us her reports Click here to read her kind words on the new collection and look at the pictures she took.

Pitsch and me have been surprised by the way it is all panning out. It seems the second life people's flavor can't ever be predicted. Something we both love about this place.

We are also happy to report that the SL house and garden sim has opened and it was a huge succes. The crowds celebrated a week ago that this sim was opened on the initiative of Jennaa Loire.  Pitsch has been working day and nite to make the sim the ideal spot to assemble the creme de la creme of the interior and exterior shops.
If you haven't had a chance you really should hop on down and visit your favorite stores there or just enjoy the wonderful views of the sim. If you just wanna hang out we recommend the bloggers cafe and the ballroom to show of your latest fashion escapade. To learn more about this place to be just check out the 

Of course Pitsch created a special UrbanizeD store for the SL house and garden sim. To celebrate the opening of the sim and this store he made the fourth in versaille vase collection. Drop by the shop to pick up your copy. Bothe the blue and the pink vase are still available at our main store at Deizha, the golden vase however was part of hunt at Rue D'antibes and is unfortunately no longer available. You might however get your hands on it on the black market though and complete your versaille vase collection.

Currently Pitsch is working on a project with Kendra Ling a fellow countryman from Belgium. This guy has amazing building skills and has already created many homes. Check out his work for.Primo Archtecture

Pitsch is reworking one of his homes at the moment giving it that special UrbanizeD flavor. When he finishes it  you will be the first to know of course.
Thats it for now but of course the moment new stuff  happens i will keep you all posted. For now get creative, get UrbanizeD.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Out with the old

Let me start this post with a big thank you to all the people who visited the Deizha sim last weekend. The launch of the new fall/winter 2010 collection has been a blast.
We saw lots of familiar faces, lots of new faces and it was so good to hear the positive comments we received.
Pitsch really was curious to find out how the collection would be received and he has gotten his answer ..big thumbs up.  Thank you all for your support and kind words this makes it all worth it.

But people who know UrbanizeD know that Pitsch is a workaholic so he won't sit still for long.
Next to the UrbanizeD mainstore at Deizha there are a number of sattelite stores.  All of these stores need to be redesigned to present the new collection to those who havent seen  the mainstore yet.
First on the list of sattelite stores to be revamped is  Rue D' Antibes. This shop will sport the new color theme "Golden".  Warm and fresh tones in the yellow spectrum to brighten up the coming longer nights.

UrbanizeD has been waiting to get a spot on this popular sim.and it finally happened. It's a friendly fresh vibe with the  look of  village in the south of France.  There are lots of fabulous of Barnsworth sturctures to admire. The sim has cute streets a cosy square and some great views to waterside homes. There is something for everyone on this sim.

We both hope you can check out the shop and the sim. An added bonus is the Red Seal Hunt that will take place here from 16th of semptember till 4th of octobre. Read all about that on the rue d'antibes blog.

Plenty of  reason  to come and hunt  and  Get UrbanizeD @ Rue D'Antibes. To visit our newly decorated shop  JUST CLICK HERE

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This afternoon the redesigned sim has opened to persent the new UrbanizeD collection. Since i have been talking and writing so much about it i decided now was the time to show everybody a couple of pictures of the new furniture. Hope you enjoy and ofcourse you are welcome to test out the furniture and sim for yourself and take your own pictures. Im sure most of you are better at it than me. The last four pictures are an impression of the garden. The bottom two pictures display our opening gift in candy blue en candy pink.

Friday, September 3, 2010

2morrow 2 morrow

Lots of ppl will sing "the sun will come up 2morrow" when they read the title to this post. In a way its true, but well in the case of Deizha sim it's just a partial truth.
Those who know Deizha and UrbanizeD  know that Pitsch  prefers the dark and dusk for the sim to enhance it's atmosphere.

With the introduction of the new collection though, and the revamping of the sim Pitsch has made another (to him radical change). It concerns the light,  the overal mood of the buildings Pitsch makes and his choice of textures has gradually  changed during the  birth of this collection.  His personal taste has shifted towards a  lighter approach and thus the sim had to change with his taste. The sim light settings have been changed  to an earlier hour it might seem  a small thing to you all but  Pitsch has allways been  verry specific about it. It's is no where near midday but still its a change. Let's hope you agree that this new light setting will make the building and the furniture look better.

Today Pitsch is showing around  a few bloggers that get to testdrive the new furniture and taste the atmosphere of the new design of the sim.  We hope to share their experiences with you over the next coming weeks.

Pitsch has been testing and perfecting the new collection the last couple op days.  He created a new wall tattoo from scratch  and lots of birdlife has enriched the sim. We hope Filemon our mascote frog will feel less  alone and not threatened to much becos of the new birds that surround him.

So  this is it! Just one night of sleep and we will reopen the sim it's exciting and a little bit frightning. We so hope people will like the new stuff . I'd like to end with a new photo that was released today as teaser that really captures the atmosphere of the sim. We hope you will come over  this weekend to take your own pictures.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Nope i have not developed a stutter this title is a reference to the David Bowie song. I love David Bowie and this post is all about change.
In only a few days time UrbanizeD will  introduces an all new furniture, deco and garden collection but ...... next to that the entire sim has been redone.
As we mentioned before Pitsch has given  Deizha  ,the home of Urbanized, a totally new look. Nothing new there, a lot of people would say, and they are right. Ever since Pitsch bought Deizha sim (over a year ago) it has seen a lot of changes. It seems nothing is constant on Deizha apart from the music.

The sim started out as home to the Deizha  house club with Hed Kandi DJ Deevee Voom. A lush enviroment with lots of green and a stunning dancefloor with egyptian and greek elements..
After Pitsch  bought the sim ,on a whim, he redid the sim introducing a multitude of trees and introduces a wide variety of rentals.  Anything was possible from stark modern treehouses to cabins to a tent. The whole idea was to have something for everyones taste and budget but within the theme of "a fairytale meets urban".

Shortly after the introduction of the rentals Pitsch created what was to become the first UrbanizeD mainstore. A stunning building  based on an arabian nights castle mashed up with a sleek modern office building/basement. Concrete, tiles and minarets and waving drapes used as the setting for a communal building for the Deizha residents.

After a while Pitsch decided to change the purpose of this building into that of a store displaying his creativity.
UrbanizeD was born and Pitsch started to create an ever growing array of  furniture. Furniture particulary designed for larger modern prefabs. And as a logical next step the rental units on Deizha were replaced with larger homes. Sleek designs from Scarlet Creative, GOL and Botha  were set with lush gardens.
Every garden made specifically  to compliment these estates.  It was a perfect way for Pitsch to experiment and perfect his landscaping capabilities.

As a result of the ever growing collection of furniture Pitsch built, the initial mainstore became to small.  Pitsch made the radical decision to reduce the number of rentals on Deizha and allocate more space of the sim for the  UrbanizeD store. Concrete slabs as main base surrounded by lush green and huge trees became the hallmark of the new shop.

Around this time Pitsch started up  the Urban Arts Gallery.  A place to display  modern art that  complimented the UrbanizeD  vibe. The gallery soon became a busy second hub of activity next to the UrbanizeD store. It's popularity grew so fast that Pitsch quickly had to decide to expand the gallery. And being the perfectionist that he is the only person that could build that gallery was ..... Pitsch himself..
This first ever building created by Pitsch from scratch was a two storie high mall like building with ample room for the many creative talents SL has produced. Again  concrete beams,  huge trees and stunning textures were implimented. The clean lines of the building forming the perfect backdrop for the ultimate art experience.

Following the succesful introduction of the Urban Arts Gallery Pitsch started his work on the first cohesive UrbanizeD collection.  The spring/summer collection of 2010 was the first time the UrbanizeD furniture would be presented to the public as a seasonal collection.  This collection based around four colour themes consisted out of  a massive amount of furniture.
This led to the decision of a further reduction of available rentals. Instead Deizha was decked out with a huge open planned store to display the entire collection. Covering most of the sim this was the first time plant life was pushed back and the Urban concrete slabs replacing it formed the perfect canvas on wich Pitsch could show the world his complete work.

Of course the landscaper in Pitsch could not be content with just a concrete jungle. A few months ago UrbanizeD plants hit the market. And of course this required a display of the product. Pitsch added a garden area to the Urbanized mainstore and a piece of green was reclaimed.

And that takes us to the present. Halfway through july Pitsch was already planning a new collection. A collection for fall/winter 2010. A collection that would make the plants and flowers a permanent feature in the UrbanizeD  productline. Consequently this required a larger garden area to display the growing importance of  this product line. Yes, you guessed right it required Pitsch to rethink the Deizha sim once again. It marked the end of an era when the last of the rentals were taken of the Deizha sim leaving only Filemon our mascotte frog as oldest remaining inhabitant.  Taking the experience built up by building and styling the different UrbanizeD shops around second life and the various landscaping projects this time around we get to see the full scope of Pitsches creative capabilities.

This saturday  the sim will be opened to the public and you can see for yourself what the evolution of the UrbanizeD brand has inspired Pitsch  to create. All that i can say is that this time around he has managed to perfectly balance out the organic and the urban, creating the best possible setting for this new collection.
We hope to welcome all of you this weekend. GET URBANIZED!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Days 2 go

In 3 days the new sim is gonna open and  UrbanizeD will introduce the new fall winter collection of furniture. Like i told you before we plan to give you a little bit of information every day as a teaser.

Today it's all about the colours!
People who know the brand, know that UrbanizeD previous collection consisted out of four themes. This winter Pitsch choose to take some of those themes and rework them for fall/winter. Besides a continuation of those themes a new themes will be introduced

The five themes for this season have been dubbed:

A collection with  warm earthy  and chocolate tones. The ultimate cosy like hot coco, something to warm you during the cold nights. Nomad is the natural follow up for the Neutral theme from the summer/spring collection. Taking all the textures just one notch up Pitsch has tried to redo classics to compliment the new furniture lines.

Like the rose garden color theme that was popular in the spring/summer collection the Blush collection's main color is pink. Pink in every shade from dirty to candyshop pink. This color theme has a bit more bohemian feel than the summer collection.

Like the leaves that color golden during the fall and the warm  glow of an open fire. Golden theme consists of warm yellow, honey  and curry tones. This collection has just the uplifting qualities that can light up your dark and dreary  winter and fall nights.

Secure under the warm blanket of the night.  The nights that become longer as the day during this season. The night that comes with a touch of glamour and  the twinkle of stars. Mono collection is dark without being solid its  designed to mix up cozy with classy and glamerous.
A true winter theme frozen picks up where the pure theme from the summer/spring collection stopped.
White washed,  grey and faded colours that remind us of the pale sky of winter,  the fog of the fall and the delicate white of snow. Wear some gloves when you come to test this theme its cool :-)

To balance out all this talk about the new we would also like to spend a little time talking about the old. There is one special inhabitant of the Deizha sim (home of UrbanizeD) that has lived through all the changes the sim has seen. Filemon is the oldest remaining inhabitant of Deizha (and currently the only). He has seen the sim transform many times, he has seen renters come and go and come again and has seen  lots of shop designs and many prefabs. He is the one constant that survived the never ending environment that is UrbanizeD.
Through it all he has stayed cheery and chirpy and he will be around for the introduction of the new collection. If you see him hopping around just tip your hat for our verry own mascote. <3 Filemon

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


For everybody who has been trying to get to the mainstore ..... the wait is almost over.In about four days the UrbanizeD mainstore will reopen with a BANG.
All new collections
Total redesign of the sim
Revamped garden and
A brand new logo

Pitsch has been working his ass of the last weeks tryin to make it all happen. And ... he did it. I'm pretty sure visitors will be blown away by the new sim design. Next to the new shopping areas there is a supersized garden to display the evergrowing plant collection UrbanizeD has to offer. 

I'm under strict orders not to give away to much. Just wanted you all to know that though it has been a big job it was well worth it if in the end it will make a for a better experience of the UrbanizeD vibe.

Over the next four days we will post a teaser everyday  so you can get a sneakpeak of what is to come. Here is todays teaser featuring the all new logo designed by Rodriguez Munro and Pitsch Parx.
The new logo captures the  urban roots of the  UrbanizeD brand and combine it with the elegant and organic elements that are key in the Pitsch Parx designs. Hope you like it let us know what you think..

Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay it's time for an update again.Pitsch seems to be addicted to opening new stores (don't worry he is not looking for world domination we got him on medication) so (drumrolls) we would like to announce the opening of three new stores in the UrbanizeD line up of stores.

First new store we wanna direct your attention to is situated at New Life Mall. A loyal customer by the name of Petunia908 Pinklady invited Pitsch to set up shop on her unique sim.Together with her partner Cern she runs this shabby chiq place.You probably can guess the collection that's featured in this store by the name of the person who made it possible <3 Pinklady.  Click here to visit our new store at New Life Mall.

Second in line is our new store at the Second Style sim. Home to all thats "happening". So we just could not let the opportunity pass us by to take part in the action. The store is surrounded by a whole score of stores we all heard and read about in the second style magazine Main theme of this  particular store is the Rose Garden collection. The store has been remodelled to present a selection of the prettiest in pink with a centre stage appearance of the fabu orchids. For those who enjoy the ceramic antics of Pitsch a must see store. Click here to visit our store at Second Style Island.

Third and last stop is Cresendo.This new initiativ has been set up by David Bloom and Elle Cresendo. A cosy collection of shops with a warm village feel. The UrabanizeD shop there is centred around the Pure collection and again main focus goes to the orchid showstoppers. Click here to visit our UrbanizeD store @ cresendo shopping village

But yes there is even more news! Urbanized is proud to announce their participation in the Sl house and garden hunt.Your chance to pick up 50 (yes fiftyyyyyy) specially created designs from all over SL. Best pack a lunch for this one people becos it will take you some time to collect all the goodies. This hunt runs till the 7th of august, so get hunting! Read more about the hunt HERE

For this occasion Pitsch put together a cute set with a peacock chair and sidetable.The pack comes with candleholders and longdrink glasses. Designed to sip your fav drinks in style till the wee hours the chair and its pillows and the sidetable come with a selection of wicker style textures. Click here to visit our mainstore and get crackin on this awesome hunt!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I found my thrill .......

Maybe some of you remember a wonderfull evergreen by fats domino called "Blueberry hill". I love the way that songs  makes me feel nostalgic and how the voice of the singer instantly gives me a good vibe.
Why talk about an old song?
No particular reason ...that is.. well there is a reason becos inspite of the summer reces Pitsch has found time to set up a store on the Blueberry sim. Right in the midst of cooking up brand new collections for the fall Pitsch brought his magic to this corner of  SL (<3 Jennaa for the opportunity).

The sim is home to SL house and garden, a unique new innitiative focussing on everything you could consider being part of "making a place in sl a home". Visit the SL house and garden blog by clicking  HERE to read more. Keep updated on the latest and join the SL house and garden group it's really worth it.

To show of  Pitsch's love for landscaping he has designed a garden to match the UrbanizeD store.
In true style to BLUEberry sim the garden and shops main color theme is blue. The shop sporting the fresh variety of blue from the pure collection . The complementing  garden is based around a darker blueberry blue theme in honour of the sims name.

This particular branch of UrbanizeD is a temporary set up so try and visit it if you have the chance before its gone. We would like to invite you to enjoy the open fresh feel of the sim, the lovely garden and of course the small selection of stores.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer 2010 Final Release

Summer is here and it's time to relax. As an ode to summer and the most excentric and captivating flower of all Pitsch has created four new flower displays.  Set to complement the current UrbanizeD collections,  Pure, Deep Mood, Neutral and Rose Garden.

The  "Pagan Poetry" vase  & orchid set comes with a vase, a dish, the orchids flowers and stems and decorative rocks. All elements can be personalized with a selection of textures the UrbanizeD way.  To personalize these evocative sets even more every set holds a number of variations of flowers and flowersettings. 

This orchid set will be the last official UrbanizeD release this summer. 
We like to invite you to come and enjoy the aluring smell and stunning look of the flowers. Try out the many many choices the menus for final release holds. It is our intention to surprise you after this summer break with a brand fall/winter collection.