Monday, July 19, 2010

I found my thrill .......

Maybe some of you remember a wonderfull evergreen by fats domino called "Blueberry hill". I love the way that songs  makes me feel nostalgic and how the voice of the singer instantly gives me a good vibe.
Why talk about an old song?
No particular reason ...that is.. well there is a reason becos inspite of the summer reces Pitsch has found time to set up a store on the Blueberry sim. Right in the midst of cooking up brand new collections for the fall Pitsch brought his magic to this corner of  SL (<3 Jennaa for the opportunity).

The sim is home to SL house and garden, a unique new innitiative focussing on everything you could consider being part of "making a place in sl a home". Visit the SL house and garden blog by clicking  HERE to read more. Keep updated on the latest and join the SL house and garden group it's really worth it.

To show of  Pitsch's love for landscaping he has designed a garden to match the UrbanizeD store.
In true style to BLUEberry sim the garden and shops main color theme is blue. The shop sporting the fresh variety of blue from the pure collection . The complementing  garden is based around a darker blueberry blue theme in honour of the sims name.

This particular branch of UrbanizeD is a temporary set up so try and visit it if you have the chance before its gone. We would like to invite you to enjoy the open fresh feel of the sim, the lovely garden and of course the small selection of stores.

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