Monday, July 19, 2010

I found my thrill .......

Maybe some of you remember a wonderfull evergreen by fats domino called "Blueberry hill". I love the way that songs  makes me feel nostalgic and how the voice of the singer instantly gives me a good vibe.
Why talk about an old song?
No particular reason ...that is.. well there is a reason becos inspite of the summer reces Pitsch has found time to set up a store on the Blueberry sim. Right in the midst of cooking up brand new collections for the fall Pitsch brought his magic to this corner of  SL (<3 Jennaa for the opportunity).

The sim is home to SL house and garden, a unique new innitiative focussing on everything you could consider being part of "making a place in sl a home". Visit the SL house and garden blog by clicking  HERE to read more. Keep updated on the latest and join the SL house and garden group it's really worth it.

To show of  Pitsch's love for landscaping he has designed a garden to match the UrbanizeD store.
In true style to BLUEberry sim the garden and shops main color theme is blue. The shop sporting the fresh variety of blue from the pure collection . The complementing  garden is based around a darker blueberry blue theme in honour of the sims name.

This particular branch of UrbanizeD is a temporary set up so try and visit it if you have the chance before its gone. We would like to invite you to enjoy the open fresh feel of the sim, the lovely garden and of course the small selection of stores.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer 2010 Final Release

Summer is here and it's time to relax. As an ode to summer and the most excentric and captivating flower of all Pitsch has created four new flower displays.  Set to complement the current UrbanizeD collections,  Pure, Deep Mood, Neutral and Rose Garden.

The  "Pagan Poetry" vase  & orchid set comes with a vase, a dish, the orchids flowers and stems and decorative rocks. All elements can be personalized with a selection of textures the UrbanizeD way.  To personalize these evocative sets even more every set holds a number of variations of flowers and flowersettings. 

This orchid set will be the last official UrbanizeD release this summer. 
We like to invite you to come and enjoy the aluring smell and stunning look of the flowers. Try out the many many choices the menus for final release holds. It is our intention to surprise you after this summer break with a brand fall/winter collection.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Urbanized Summer 2010 Store Tour

After a rollercoaster ride the last few months it's time for a moment of calm and contemplation. Time to smell some SL roses, the perfect opportunity to keep you updated on our stores. What better way to do this than by a store-tour.

To celebrate the opening of a few brand new UrbanizeD stores we would like to invite you to a store-tour. As a token of our appreciation to all the people for their support Pitsch created a specially designed freebee for each new store.

Every Urbanized store is designed to communicate the unique charactre of the brand and is individually dressed to show the versatile vibe UrbanizeD stands for.

UrbanizeD mainstore displays the entire scope of furniture, accesoiries and plants Pitsch has created. Here at ground zero all four collections are grouped in a large open plan space surrounded by the lucious greenlife of Deizha. The open plan store gives an overview to clients who dare to mix and match.

Deizha sim is not just home to the UrbanzeD mainstore. It is also home to the newly planted fairy garden. An excellent opportunity to stroll through the new flowers and grasses in the UrbanizeD collection. A caleidoscope of colors of all the available greeneries are combined in a big lucious meadow. Emphasising the UrbanzeD firm belief that outdoor design is as important als indoor design in second life.

UrbanizeD @ Vancouver Island
One of the first locations UrbanizeD set up shop . The Vancouver mall has a broad selection of shops and has a suburban feel.. Pitsch recently moved the shop to a different part of the mall with a fresh new design incorporating a small selection of the new plants and grasses. The Urbanized shop here is designed around the  "Neutral" collection.

Carribean can best be typified as a green country feel laid back sim with a variety of shops (such as Second Spaces and Pulling strings). The Urbanized shop on the pier of a quiet pond is designed around the  "Rose Garden" collection.

The starlust sims are home to over 250 sl designers. A good place to get a taste of the abundance of creativity in SL. Located at Bill sim surrounded by a variety of edgy fashion stores the Urbanized shop displays all the "Bio Organic" items Pitsch has created.

A sim that well deserving of the X for x rated. Newly added to our selections of stores Uxert City is the ideal playground for grown ups wink wink. Our shop @ Uxert city is themed around the "Neutrals" collection.

Straight out of the 1001 arabian nights Ursa Bazaar is like an eastern palace. A fata morgana in SL a must see. One can only hope to bump into the prince of persia himself  around there. In a pavilion by the water UrbanizeD shows a selection from the summer wicker furniture.

This mall is situated around the italian club Nottambula. A distinc club vibe and a wide array of shops for the fashion concious club scene. The UrbanizeDe shop at this sim displays a selection from the "Deep Mood" collection.

We conclude our store-tour with the newest addition to our list of stores. Situate on a pond, this newest (and biggest) satelite store embodies the indoor outdoor feeling UrbanizeD wants to convey.
Broad steps lead you to the store with a dual charactre. One side of the store is dedicated to the "Pure"collection. The other side focusses on the "Deep Mood" collection.  The middle section of this store consists of the indoor garden Pitsch created to display a selection of the new plants and grasses collections.

We hope you will enjoy the store tour and the freebees you can collect along the way. The UrbanizeD Team

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Urbanzed Photocompetion.... And the winners are

Over the last few weeks we have been urging our loyal customers to get snapping and send us pictures inspired by and featuring UrbanizeD products. It was really nice to get a glimpse of the way people incorporate Pitsch's creations in their Second Lives.
The Urbanized Team wants to  thank all of the ppl who took part in this competition for their time and ofcourse their creativity. After a month of snapping pictures we can finally announce the winners.

Group Choice Prize
The winner of the group choice prize was based on the number of comments made per entry. The results are as follows:
First prize goes to Bazz  with 7 votes.  
Runner up is Rogue Falconer with 6 votes. 
And third prize goes to Truelove Tomorrow with 5 votes.

The Creators Choice Prize 
This prize is awarded based upon personal choice of Urbanized designer Pitsch Parx and SL artist Rodriguez Munro. First prize in this category goes to Chayne Karillion. The jury praises the design and styling and typifies it as "just the way we like to see it". 

Runner up is Delilah Darkwatch. The jury was enchanted by the mood her picture evokes. 
Third prize was awared to Truelove Tomorrow. The jury was particulary taken by the cute angels in her picture. 

About the prizes:
The first prize winners win a full collection of choice.
The runners-up (second prize winners) win 10 items of an Urbanized collection of choice.
Third prize winners win 5 items of an UrbanizeD collection of choice.
Furthermore ALL entries of the photocompetion will receive one Urbanized item of choice.
Winners can make their choices known to Pitsch Parx by dropping a notecard with their name and the items they would like to receive.
First prize winners can drop a notecard with their name and the name of the collection they wish to receive. The collection are: Pure / Deep Mood / Neutral  and  Rose Garden.

About the votes
Comments made by "blanc" profiles have not been include in total number of votes.
Comments made by members of the Urbanized Team (Pitsch Parx, Ulyth Hax) have not been included in the total numbers of votes.

Thanks again for taking part in our competion. We would like to invite everybody 2 take a look at the winners entries at the following link. Urbanized Group Pool