Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Updated Mannequin Pose Props

Two designs, Roses & Leaves, or Ivy & Candles. Both textures menu scripted, options for the wood & metal parts, and the unique custom made fabrics on the body.

Also to be used as pose prop, both have 9 poses made by Glitterati ( Katey Coppola ) each.

All textures are picked to blend in and compliment the current four color themes: Neutral, Masai , Mono and Bali.

Have a great & stylish SL ! UrbanizeD Mainstore

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Minimal but so stylish !

Today Narcissus Room start on its 5th round already !
UrbanizeD brings a carpenters inspired bench, the "Minimal" bench in "Narcissus Neutrals, raw wooded planks, bounded together with leather straps.
Minimal and clean, fits in ( and around ) each modern house or skybox. Room for 2 avatars ( 2 x 6 animations ) and textures menu scripted ( 6 woods + 3 straps )

( Note that this is a more basic version than our full release, what can be found @ UrbanizeD Mainstore ) Narcissus Room ( round 5 opens May 1st ) ) For More info :
Flickr Group:

The "full version" Minimal bench comes in a solo, duo or trio seats version ( 9 animations each avatar )
Also we have the sets available in our "Neutral" and "Masai" color groups and incl. 17 wood + 8 leather options.
Could work inside or outside your home, as stand alone or in group.

Next to the benches, we have , in the same design and color menus, the sideboards. Sold in a set of 3 designs/sizes. ( only textures menu scripted )
A new way to showcase and display all your collectors items, basic and raw, but you can make some really unexpected styling sets in your home with the this set.
Try it as sidetables next to your bed, as a "backside" of your sofa ( in the middle of the room ), a display for all your plants..

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Have a great and stylish SL !