Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Works

With the cold hitting Europe Pitsch cought some of the holiday seasonal spirit and has been working on new items.

To display this holiday collection a new winter garden was reserved on the recently opened UrbanizeD sim.
If you have the time you really should take a walk around the the small plot. It's a perfect example of how to create the winter wonderland feeling with minimal prim use. This winter garden was built with the main character of the seasonal festivities in mind. Specifically his super ability of walking on here to witness the winter magic.

The holiday collection consists out of a selection of  wintry flowers and plants, new vases and pots with typical seasonal flowers but ofcourse that urbanized touch, a range of ornaments to hang in your tree and some wonderful table decorations.

To celebrate the introduction of the winter holiday collection Pitsch has made some new wall tattoos that will instantly take any dull wall from drag to dazzle ... and they are free. So put on a hat boots or your favorite winter thong and hurry down the chimney to Pitsches Winter Wonderland (selection of items available through marketplace click here for an overview

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