Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It's been a few weeks since the launch of the new fall/winter 2010 collection and  as ever Pitsch has proven to be restless.
In order to put the focus on the product he has relocated the entire UrbanizeD store. A massive undertaking.
Why change something that  looked like paradise???? Well in part this relocation is to put the focus back where it belongs :  the creations of  Pitsch.  Yes putting the furniture in a luscious garden setting made for stunning views but in the end he wants the people to really see what he has made.

The new store has a clear distinction between the furniture line and the garden line.
With furniture placed on a minimal ark with the feel of an oil tanker and the garden in all its abundance as contrast Urbanized has reinvented itself .... it's Re-Urbanized. In keeping with its very ever changing. character

Last Sunday the new store opened its doors and many already came to see the new displays.
Most of the color themes have gotten a new home in the UrbanizeD Arc. The pink collection however has found a new home on the SL House and Garden sim.

The new store is fitted with a mood/color board in the entrance. This way we hope to direct the people faster to the theme they feel most in tune with . Of course mixing and matching from the entire collection is also an option for those who dare :)

To celebrate the opening of the sim and to get a head start on the holiday season UrbanizeD has introduced several new products to our collection.

Hanging baskets with flowers for those who don't have a garden to bring that much needed green in your homes.

New bold stripe-wall decorations for that graphic touch to liven up dull walls.

New paintings to sparkle up the long winter nights and new and improved candles for that romantic feel.

We would like to invite you all to visit the new garden. Every available plant and flower Pitsch has created is in their.It's a sea of green and color.
Piece de resistance are the new vases Pitsch has made. In keeping with the kaleidoscopic nature of the garden these vases would look great in Versailles. Rumor has it Marie Antoinette herself ordered a few.

So there you have it enough reason i would say to come over and take a taste of the new Re-Urbanized shop. As with every change we have a few new freebies to celebrate. So be sure to pick them up when you visit the new shop. The gifts can be located at the entrance.

We hope to catch you wandering around me and Pitsch try to be available to all the visitors as much as possible do drop us a line if you have questions or need some interior designing helpClick here to visit our Re-UrbanizeD furniture Ark and click here to visit our all new garden

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