Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be Your Own Art

People its Spruce Up Your Space time again and this month the theme was "family".
Well most people know Pitsch a  little by now and  well he is not one to think inside the box much less inside a theme. So instead of the easy road he took a detour, he got together with two talented artists to work on a special project.

The idea was to immerse someone into wall art making the person/avatar part of the decor. In collaboration with Ganymede Galaxy and Del May, he created "Be Your Own Art". A painting that allows you to be part of you interior.

Makeup artist Ganymede Galaxy was approached to complement this installation with some amazing make up that creates a powdred ethereal look. The make up helps the avatar blend into the sky-themed artwork of the painting. Check out his work by clicking here,

SL's well known Del May created the pose that allows you to immerse from the painting into your interior.
A dramatic yet dreamy vibe is the result of this collaboration.For more from Del May click here.

And although its not directly linked to the theme.... Pitsch did something with the theme: he created a design family. We hope you enjoy the painting its only available today.  Click here to visit our mainstore to pick up this unique piece of art.

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