Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

t's almost here .... CHRISTMAS!!!!!! (and Kwanzaa)

Let met start of by thanking you all for the nice comments we got  from the people that came to see our special edition winter display.
When Pitsch told me he needed to store al the christmas decorations he really gave me a scare. His im : "I need those prims for building "  really nearly gave me a breakdown. Yes dear readers Pitsch Parx is the guy that verry nearly cleared out all the Christmas ornaments BEFORE it even was christmas !

Fortunately i was able to talk him out of it.

Most people have all their christmas decorations ready  and their gifst wrapped all set  to go
But for those who got the holiday bug late there is still time.
This weekend will be the last few days the holiday season display will be available. So if you have a sudden change of heart you can still come out to get our fab decorations and wow the socks of of your Christmas guests.

I was especially shocked that Pitsch wanted to put the holiday  display away because i know that it meant all the new winter plants would be going as well.  Now i know there are plenty of people who don't celebrate Christmas or are just not in the mood for a tree and stuff  ... but  well you cant resist a winter garden. 
Becaus Christmas , Hannuka, Kwanzaa and Yule may come and go but the wintergarden is here to stay
well at least till springtime sets in.
To evoke that fairytale winter wonderland feeling Pitsch created a few plants that will instantly take a snowy garden and put you in jingle bells mood. For those romantic long winter nights that you wanna spend outside with that special person that makes you warm. So i bought you a few days by pleading and you can still get these this weekend.Click here to vist the winter wonderland garden 

If all of a sudden your mother in law calls and you realize you don't have a gift we also are here to help you out. The Christmas roses are still on offer at the Rue D'Antibes xmas market click here to visit the christmasmarket and now come in three different color sets, she will be eating out of your hand and you can sneak out the back while she is doing the ooohs ad aaahs.

So nothing else left but to wish you and your loved ones a wonderfull christmas time. And me and Pitsch hope you enjoy your Chrismas purchases. When you are drinking your eggnog or gluhwein you can start dreaming about the new spring summer collection cos it's already in the making.

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