Friday, September 3, 2010

2morrow 2 morrow

Lots of ppl will sing "the sun will come up 2morrow" when they read the title to this post. In a way its true, but well in the case of Deizha sim it's just a partial truth.
Those who know Deizha and UrbanizeD  know that Pitsch  prefers the dark and dusk for the sim to enhance it's atmosphere.

With the introduction of the new collection though, and the revamping of the sim Pitsch has made another (to him radical change). It concerns the light,  the overal mood of the buildings Pitsch makes and his choice of textures has gradually  changed during the  birth of this collection.  His personal taste has shifted towards a  lighter approach and thus the sim had to change with his taste. The sim light settings have been changed  to an earlier hour it might seem  a small thing to you all but  Pitsch has allways been  verry specific about it. It's is no where near midday but still its a change. Let's hope you agree that this new light setting will make the building and the furniture look better.

Today Pitsch is showing around  a few bloggers that get to testdrive the new furniture and taste the atmosphere of the new design of the sim.  We hope to share their experiences with you over the next coming weeks.

Pitsch has been testing and perfecting the new collection the last couple op days.  He created a new wall tattoo from scratch  and lots of birdlife has enriched the sim. We hope Filemon our mascote frog will feel less  alone and not threatened to much becos of the new birds that surround him.

So  this is it! Just one night of sleep and we will reopen the sim it's exciting and a little bit frightning. We so hope people will like the new stuff . I'd like to end with a new photo that was released today as teaser that really captures the atmosphere of the sim. We hope you will come over  this weekend to take your own pictures.

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