Monday, September 6, 2010

Out with the old

Let me start this post with a big thank you to all the people who visited the Deizha sim last weekend. The launch of the new fall/winter 2010 collection has been a blast.
We saw lots of familiar faces, lots of new faces and it was so good to hear the positive comments we received.
Pitsch really was curious to find out how the collection would be received and he has gotten his answer ..big thumbs up.  Thank you all for your support and kind words this makes it all worth it.

But people who know UrbanizeD know that Pitsch is a workaholic so he won't sit still for long.
Next to the UrbanizeD mainstore at Deizha there are a number of sattelite stores.  All of these stores need to be redesigned to present the new collection to those who havent seen  the mainstore yet.
First on the list of sattelite stores to be revamped is  Rue D' Antibes. This shop will sport the new color theme "Golden".  Warm and fresh tones in the yellow spectrum to brighten up the coming longer nights.

UrbanizeD has been waiting to get a spot on this popular sim.and it finally happened. It's a friendly fresh vibe with the  look of  village in the south of France.  There are lots of fabulous of Barnsworth sturctures to admire. The sim has cute streets a cosy square and some great views to waterside homes. There is something for everyone on this sim.

We both hope you can check out the shop and the sim. An added bonus is the Red Seal Hunt that will take place here from 16th of semptember till 4th of octobre. Read all about that on the rue d'antibes blog.

Plenty of  reason  to come and hunt  and  Get UrbanizeD @ Rue D'Antibes. To visit our newly decorated shop  JUST CLICK HERE

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