Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Days 2 go

In 3 days the new sim is gonna open and  UrbanizeD will introduce the new fall winter collection of furniture. Like i told you before we plan to give you a little bit of information every day as a teaser.

Today it's all about the colours!
People who know the brand, know that UrbanizeD previous collection consisted out of four themes. This winter Pitsch choose to take some of those themes and rework them for fall/winter. Besides a continuation of those themes a new themes will be introduced

The five themes for this season have been dubbed:

A collection with  warm earthy  and chocolate tones. The ultimate cosy like hot coco, something to warm you during the cold nights. Nomad is the natural follow up for the Neutral theme from the summer/spring collection. Taking all the textures just one notch up Pitsch has tried to redo classics to compliment the new furniture lines.

Like the rose garden color theme that was popular in the spring/summer collection the Blush collection's main color is pink. Pink in every shade from dirty to candyshop pink. This color theme has a bit more bohemian feel than the summer collection.

Like the leaves that color golden during the fall and the warm  glow of an open fire. Golden theme consists of warm yellow, honey  and curry tones. This collection has just the uplifting qualities that can light up your dark and dreary  winter and fall nights.

Secure under the warm blanket of the night.  The nights that become longer as the day during this season. The night that comes with a touch of glamour and  the twinkle of stars. Mono collection is dark without being solid its  designed to mix up cozy with classy and glamerous.
A true winter theme frozen picks up where the pure theme from the summer/spring collection stopped.
White washed,  grey and faded colours that remind us of the pale sky of winter,  the fog of the fall and the delicate white of snow. Wear some gloves when you come to test this theme its cool :-)

To balance out all this talk about the new we would also like to spend a little time talking about the old. There is one special inhabitant of the Deizha sim (home of UrbanizeD) that has lived through all the changes the sim has seen. Filemon is the oldest remaining inhabitant of Deizha (and currently the only). He has seen the sim transform many times, he has seen renters come and go and come again and has seen  lots of shop designs and many prefabs. He is the one constant that survived the never ending environment that is UrbanizeD.
Through it all he has stayed cheery and chirpy and he will be around for the introduction of the new collection. If you see him hopping around just tip your hat for our verry own mascote. <3 Filemon

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