Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kiss The Future

We are pleased to announce the birth of a new collection from Urbanized.

Over the last few months the Urbanized Team has been working hard to bring a new collection to Second Life to enhance your Second Life.
New custom made textures, new custom made sculpts, high quality new animations and new poses have been created and combined to turn your house into a home.
True to Urbanized style all the new furniture and accessories have that warm minimalistic touch.
Clean lines and bold textures in combination with quirky animations will ensure you will have a reason to stay in this winter.
We have a few surprises in store to ensure a purrfect time for everybody in your SL house no matter how big or small.

After the success of the spring summer collection of 2011 Urbanized has set itself the aim to crystallise the essence of the previous collection and take it one step further.
Next to a new look there have been a few other developments within the collection. Beds have had a complete overhaul and now feature a lot of new animations with emphasis on the couples.
The collection of vases has been expanded to epic proportions. New flowers from Artic Greenhouse in new vases in new arrangements and with new custom made prints on the vases will green up your every surface.
We think we have a vase for everybody, provided they have the prims.By popular demand we have expanded our range of deco and home accessories for every budget even if you have none.

Finally we can reveal that a lot of our furniture now comes with couple animations to make it possible to enjoy our furniture together with your friends and loved ones.

Fashion lovers will notice the influence of second life fashion blogs and flickrs on the choice of poses used.

The new "Kiss The Future" collection will be presented in four different colour pallets.
Four themes, each with a distinct personality.
Every theme an evolved, more grown up version of the spring summer collection.You will recognise the themes and will sense how they have taken on a more distinct mood.
The overall view for all four themes show a more mature and more organic signature.
Where spring and summer had a more bold and graphic personality the new palettes are geared towards the warm and homey, the more organic without loosing that edge we all have come to expect from UrbanizeD.

Mono II, a bold black and white theme, accentuated with splashes of colour to break the harshness.
The patterns and prints underline a modern vibe and support the lines of the furniture and accessories.
"Le Foret Monochone" or monochrone forest on display in the Mono II section of the main store represent the essence of this theme.
The luscious patterns are presented with a modern twist when presented in black and white.
Grey tones moderate the black and white and blue and purple hues complete an colour theme that is outspoken without being loud.

Masai II, a theme that has moved from the scorching hot summer sun from Africa to the warm glow of the fireplace.
Warm tones in red, brown and curry envelope you like a blanket. An instant cosy feeling to drive the cold from your doorstep.
The uber earthly vibe is livened up with splashes of the brightest reds and oranges.
The graphic bold flowers and circles have been joined with more organic and nature inspired prints with intricate designs.
For those who are not afraid to show their luv for all things chocolate, cinnamon and ruddy Masai II is a MUST.

Bali II,While still bearing the name of the beautiful island of Bali, this theme has ,as the other three themes, evolved since the last collection.
The patterns now are less oriented on the orient but still give the same eco fresh and futuristic atmosphere.
Sandy beaches in white have turned to fields of snow. Whites and greys are combined to give the theme a soft feel.
The blues and greens give a subdued modern feeling, night blue skies and foliage inspired patterns and colours will bring the outdoor feeling inside.
Mint, sage, emerald and aqua are combined with pastels to come to a warm minimal colour theme.

We end up with the fourth colour theme NEUTRAL.
Bringing the Dubai colour theme from last summer into winter Neutral brings together warm and cool tones.Modern but not cold, bold but not loud, a cleaned up shabby theme.
The sandy Sahara has been replaced with cocoa and cream and instead of a fata morgana you find yourself in foggy morning conditions surrounded by the wonderful yellows and browns of the falling leaves.
UrbanizeD choose to combine rust tones with creams, greys and browns have resulted in a mature look. Splashes of mustard yellow and gold keep the theme young and edgy.
The patterns are mainly neutral, or organic oriented. Flowers ,foliage and animals are combined with bold prints to give you a fabulous fall.

Each colour theme is presented in its own section of the newly erected main store.
A structure that will help to convey the distinct individual colour themes.
The rooms each have a unique character that is now echoed in the chose of displays, colours and lay out.
Where as the summer store was open and had the starry sky as its ceiling this new collection will have an actual roof.
We have tried to emphasise the fact that this season calls for a solid structure.
In contrast to the summer store were all colour themes were presented in similar display rooms we now present each colour theme in a room that magnifies the identity of the colour theme.

Have a great & stylish SL !

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