Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye On Color - Masai

From the continent of Africa the Masai theme is the UrbanizeD take on a modern vision of tribal art. The hottest browns and curry reds are combined with burning orange tones and yellow stings. Mixed with bright vermillions these colors represent the earth, the sun and vibrant masai people.
A strong statement that will instantly spice up your living space into the tastiest african dishes.
Graphics of course are earthly and tribal inspired to bring wild nature to an urban setting.

Dressoir/sidetable "Compress" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood & metal options )
Candles "Lucky Star" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. candleholder ( stone ) & candles options )
Potted Orchid "Tubed" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood, vase & orchid options )
Incence Burner ( Textures Menu Incl. vase options )
Painting set "Framed Love" ( Set Incl. 3 designs - Textures Menu Incl. unique designed prints + unique "overpainted" wooden frames options )

Wall Tattoo - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. African inspired painted tribal prints & natural elements )
Sideboard "Dressoire" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood & metal options )
Decorative African Mask - Masai ( wall & floor/table version )

Sideboard "Armoire" - Masai ( Textures Menu Incl. wood, inside contrast & metal options )
Vase & Tulips "Romantica" - masai ( Textures Menu Incl. unique vase prints, ivy & tulips options )
Painting set "Framed" - Masai ( Set Incl. 3 versions - Textures Menu Incl. frame options + a set of unique designed pictures & prints )

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