Saturday, March 19, 2011

It has been a long winter

It has been a long winter indeed. Far 2 long in our opinion.
It is time for something new and UrbanizeD is ready 2 deliver the new.
In only a few days Pitsch will release the  Spring Summer collection for 2011.

The past couple of months have been dedicated to putting together what is his biggest collection of furniture and home deco. In fact Pitsch has been so productive that our main store has proven to be 2 small to hold it all!!!!
The flagship store has undergone a make-over that will help us present the collection. The "containers" have been reshaped to give the sim that decluttered feel whilst maintaining the possibility of displaying the furniture in intimite sets. Long sweeping alleys have been formed that hold surprises around every corner.

He has pushed the envelop again aiming for a collection that is a few levels up from the winter fall collection. Main focus has been to have more control, to be distinctive, unique within the framework of laid back funky sleek design.

These coming seasons the collection has been built around four color themes: Bali, Dubai, Masai  and Mono.
Next to the more muted pastel colors  from last collection we have now made room for a more pronounced palette to send out a clear and distinct vibe for each color theme.
Over the next few days we will be putting out more info about these color themes for people to get a grasp of what has been going on in Pitsches mind.

This new collection is as we said before about control and to maximize control Pitsch has started to create his own textures to give his furniture exactly the texture that fits his designing vision.
So when people buy our products they can be sure that in a great many cases the textures displayed can't be found anywhere else in SL. This step has allowed Pitsch to experiment until he had the right vibe to fit the shape and function of the furniture.

In order to put together a collection that truly reflected the ideas of UrbanizeD it was no longer possible to rely on the shapes that were out there in SL. The new collection therefore had to be made largely out of materials that were specifically made for UrbanizeD. New and unique shapes can now truely carry across that what Pitsch has envisaged.

Of course we try to incorporate as much as we can from the customer wish list in our products. One of the things people have been asking for is a resize menu in our home decorations. And yes this time around a lot of the deco has been fitted with a resize menu giving you the option to further personalize your UrbanizeD goodies. So no matter what space you are decoration you can always find the right urbanized product to help you.
Another innovation  is a new lighting menu in our lamps. Next to looking better its easier to use and is lag-friendly.

All these new features have enabled Pitsch to create with less limitations. There were less compromises to be made and it has crystallized that what he wants to put out there as UrbanizeD product. This makes the new collection more personal than ever before.

We are so very very eager to find out what our customers and supporters have to say when we present this new collection. It has been a long, nerve-wracking, intense and educational process but the wait is almost over. If we can get our hands on enough tranquilizers we will be calm enough to open the shop in a few days....... the wait is almost over.

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