Friday, May 21, 2010

Urbanized off the wall

Sometimes you go around SL and you come across the many many many minimalistic prefabs. You wander around a stark modern home and you think "why am i freezing where is the warmth in this place".
Trust me placing a fireplace won't work (smoke, fire, plus getting the damn thing to work)and wearing a fur coat will get you in trouble with PETA.

UrbanizeD has a solution. You just apply some of the wall tattoos Pitsch made. Each one of em comes with various designs and a pack holds several sizes to fit any wall. Put some of these tats up and  it instantly changes the mood and feel of your home.

Most people that know the UrbanizeD brand will recognize the dandilion tattoo "Blown", featured on a number of blogs. Please no pervy comments its just a name. Our most popular freebee, so get blown for free

Being the tree-hugger Pitsch is the "Woods" tattoos were an obvious second choice for him. This way even in a skybox you can bring some nature in your home without crowding the place to much with planters and vases (thoug that's another one of Pitsches addictions).

Continuing the nature theme and to compliment the neutral collection the "Organic" wall tattoos (featuring various plants and  grasses) were next.

And to bring that touch of mistery & glam to your home we now also have the chandelier wall tattoo "Ghost" in our collection.

But what if you are on those people that like to hang stuff on the wall, with like a hammer and a nail or glue or tape or some gum. Well yes those people they get catered to as well. Remember the plates your grandma hangs on the wall or that quaint aunt?. UrbanizeD has them! Well not the old fashioned ones no these rock. They were made to fit the neutral collection. Every plate has several textures so you can dazzle and redazzle ppl with your plate collection. Oh yes forgot, you can also eat of them as long as you remember not to diss the dishes (no dishwasher included).


So there you have it, the solution to a cold stark modern home. Proving abundantly that Urbanized is off the wall! Don't liv in the cold get Urbanized! Click here to visit our mainstore to check out these of the wall wall tattoos

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